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Fire Wood

Tree To Sea

We are passionate about creating bespoke, handcrafted

sustainable wooden boards, paddles and accessories.

We do so in a manner that harmoniously blends traditional

carpentry techniques with the precision that modern

technologies now offer.

All Lignum products begin as a seed. It is this truism that

forms the basis of our design and build philosophy.

We nurture, invest in and work with our local environment,

materials and clients to produce unique boards. Boards that are

engineered for a lifetime

Founder -

Alen Van Rooyen



The ancient Polynesians were the first to harness the qualities of wood to create surf craft.

At Lignum we are continuing to utilise this renewable and natural material by building boards that have sustainability and longevity at their core.

Lignum boards are made from carefully chosen locally sourced wood which is wrapped

around our ultra-lightweight framework and sealed with environmentally friendly epoxy





Up to 7ft

7ft- 9ft

9ft +




Lignum paddleboards are essentially a one-person classic yacht.

Our boards, developed for effortless motion through the water are ideal for day trips along coastlines, inland waterways, and lakes.

Each board features a handmade high-performance carbon and foam framework, for a solid but lightweight feel underfoot. The natural Teak deck provides a non-slip surface when wet and adds a timeless feel.

They are the ultimate when it comes to luxury paddleboarding.





We are proud to offer a bespoke service for each project we

embark on, as we turn dreams of owning a beautiful wooden

board into a reality for our clients.

We merge naval architecture and traditional boat building

techniques with continuous attention to detail to reduce

weight, increase strength, and maintain the tactile feel of the

materials we use.

Our design philosophy is to make beautiful functional boards

that are carefully engineered to last for generations while also

protecting the environment that we cherish.

Our service can tailor design a product just for you. For more

information or to discuss in detail contact Alen.


Due the bespoke nature of our boards and possibility for customisation all prices are available on asking. Please get in contact  for more information to spec up your dream board

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