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The Art of Making Wooden Surfboards- Classic Yacht Tv

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Emily Harris recalls her visit to Lignum Surfboards

In deepest Devon, I arrived to find a serene atmosphere at Lignum Surfboards after a long drive from London. Decadent beats softly bounced off an abundance of wood which lined the walls of the workshop. I found two twenty something’s – friends working symbolically, each caressing wooden surfboards by using sight and touch as sensory tools to assess how fair (smooth) their surfboards boards were. Both looked wholly dedicated, engrossed even, and I felt as if I’d disturbed them. A Rhodesian Ridgeback strutted towards me through the sawdust like a lion and Lignum Surfboards’ co-Founder Alen Van Rooyen, a friend I met some years ago in Saint-Tropez, introduced me to this majestic hound called “Nora”. She was most docile but also gifted, like her owner, with a zen-like manner.


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