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Back to the roots - Festool

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Craft hand-made boards in combination with pure passion power tools from Festool
The British company Lignum Surfboards has taken surfboard production back to its roots, championing the use of wood in its products as opposed to polyurethane foam. In their workshop, Alen van Rooyen and Harry Robinson craft hand-made boards of first-class quality.

Our journey to Lignum's surfboard workshop takes us almost to the southernmost point of England, in South Devon. Here, right beside the sea, Alen van Rooyen and Harry Robinson have been able to fulfil a lifelong dream. Since 2006, they have been producing surfboards, skateboards and model aeroplanes that are hand crafted from wood. The two have gone back to the very 'roots' of manufacturing, in the truest sense of the word, using a mix of traditional joinery and modern tool technologies in the construction of the boards.


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