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Green fingers

We are proud that all Lignum boards are certified by the ECOBOARD Project. The ECOBOARD Project is focused on reducing carbon footprints, increasing the use (and reuse) of renewable, recycled and up-cycled inputs, and reducing toxicity within the surfboard manufacturing process. To Learn more check out the sustainable surf home page: Sustainable Surf 



We are passionate about creating fine, handcrafted wooden surfboards. We do so in a manner that harmoniously blends traditional carpentry techniques with the precision that modern technologies offer.

All Lignum surfboards begin as a seed. It is this truism that forms the basis of our design and build philosophy. We nurture, invest in and work with our local environment, materials and clients to produce unique surfboards. Surfboards that are engineered for a lifetime.


Thank you to the folk at Lignum for the trophies – they looked amazing. It is great to have such passion and authenticity going into a key part of our surf competition, and they were really appreciated by the winners. Using ecologically-friendly natural products is a key part of our brand ethos, and to have locally-sourced wood crafted by pro shapers into the Boardmasters symbol has given us an iconic trophy that represents the key values of the brand.

Simon Evans, Creative Director Boardmasters


—  Simon Evans, Creative Director Boardmasters

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